Why Choose Us     

Why Choose Us
Some will say business isn’t personal.

We disagree.

Businesses choose Polaris Capital Group because we understand the challenges of running a small business.

Heart In Your Business

Small business owners pour their heart into their business – it’s next to impossible not to feel every success and failure on a personal level. We know what it’s like to put everything you have into your dream – and then get blocked by a sudden need for more funding. Polaris Capital Group takes the same personal, vested interest in getting small business owners the quick cash they need to see success. A win for you is a win for us – simple. Instead of researching multiple banks and visiting lenders all over town to try to get the best small business financing, Polaris Capital Group handles the research and negotiating for you.

Trusted Team

Choose Polaris Capital Group to help you find the right financial solution fast. We work with a range of trusted lending institutions who also understand the needs of small businesses. Polaris Capital Group accelerates the funding process by managing all underwriting in-house. We also reduce paperwork by working with funding partners who have minimal credit requirements. Even if you have poor credit, business funding is attainable when you work with Polaris Capital Group. With the right small business package, rates can be flexible according to the assets you currently have and the level of funding you need.

Small business owners often can’t afford the time or resources that most banks and traditional lending institutions require to qualify. In fact, traditional banks and lending institutions aren’t always the best solution for small business owners who just want easy funding with straightforward terms.

Why Choose Us
We strive to provide an outstanding customer service experience for each of our clients. Doing great things is part of our culture and our DNA. Our Business Consultants are highly skilled at asking you the right questions to understand your needs and goals. Our entire process is designed to ensure that our clients receive the right financial services for their individual situation at the speed they need them. We’re not trying to “sell” you a certain product – we’re trying to find the best solution for you and your business. This approach makes us different and we’re confident you’ll like that.

Polaris Capital Group believes in long-term relationships. Your expert private banking team will guide you through the application, underwriting, and approval process fast. Our goal is a relationship that you can rely on for your future capital needs.