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Working Capital Loans

The Right Funding For Small Business

Our team at Polaris Capital Group is ready to prove that finding the right funding for small business owners isn’t complicated or difficult. There are many types of financing available through our network of trusted lenders, and by understanding the individual needs of each small business owner, we can offer the best possible options.

With our expert team of business consultants, startup and commercial business financing is within reach for nearly anybody. From a bank statement analysis, we can walk small business owners through all of the options available. Let Polaris Capital Group handle your small business financing so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Most importantly, we understand that every business owner is in a different situation with different needs. Whether you’re looking for fast access to business capital or need financing for new equipment, Polaris Capital Group will work with you individually to find the best option for you. Polaris Capital group is your best choice and a smart alternative to traditional banks.

All of our products are designed to provide you with the right funding, at the lowest cost.
Polaris Capital Group helps small businesses find the right funding options, faster than the traditional banking institutions.

Bank Statement Analysis

Your monthly bank statements are a great asset in securing the funding you need to grow your business. Your private banking team will work with you to provide cash for as much as four times your average daily balance over the past 6 months. This option requires minimal documentation, providing for a smooth and fast approval process for a quick approval.

Merchant Cash Advance

Need up to $30,000 in financing quickly? A merchant cash advance could be your option. Financing through a merchant cash advance is a simple and cost-effective way to obtain a the funding you need. Your personal banking team will work with you to assess your needs and can provide you with up to $30,000 based on the credit card transactions your business generates. This will lower your interest financing, which means you will see significant savings compared to what a traditional bank will offer you.

Inventory 100% LTV Financing

Businesses that require the maintenance of an inventory know that valuable cash can often be tied up in a warehouse. Your inventory can be your collateral to access the funding your business needs for growth or even new equipment. Your expert private banking team can provide you with a low documentation process that bases your amount on the value of your existing inventory. This can be approved and funded quickly with limited documentation.

Working Capital

Growing businesses often need additional capital to grow. With the right startup business package, your assets can become your collateral to fast, easy funding. Your personal private banking team will set up an appraisal of your assets and can work to find you financing up to 50% of the appraised value. Get cash quickly for hiring, purchasing inventory, or acquiring new equipment.

Private Equity Loan

Your home can be an asset in the growth of your business with our real estate-backed hard money service. Though other companies may offer financing of up to 65% your home’s equity, Polaris Capital Group is the only company in the state of California that can provide up to 75% of the value of your home. This money can be used to pay either business or personal expenses.